Membership Benefits

The Benefits of Belonging to a Virtual Group

Why participate in a virtual group? We are only just beginning to understand the benefits of membership. They include:

Peer Review

Gather reactions to drafts of proposals, articles, or monographs.
Practice conference presentations.
Rehearse a thesis defense.
Build a network of support and resources.

Book Discussions

Participate in online discussions of noteworthy books. Find out what's hot in your field, what everyone's thinking about recent scholarship, and share your latest find, including your latest publication.

Enjoy the "Invisible College"

Exchange views about comics scholarship, education, the industry, and the profession with individuals you might not otherwise meet.
Enter into a strong network of weak ties.
Build social capital, however you define it.

Directly Address the Impact of the New Media on Your Career and Your Scholarly and Professional Practices

Master the new media and use it in completely original ways! Do it with some long-term experts, and do it before it masters you!


Explore the impact of the new media on the mobilization of flashmobs and on the building of long-term community activism.
Experiment and discover how the new media, in the hands of scholars and thoughtful citizens, can contribute to our professional goals and ideals of a more tolerant and open society, locally and globally.